Climate of Gozo

Gozo is the smaller, quieter, greener sister island of Malta, located 90km south of Sicily and separated from Malta by 5km of crustal blue meditarranean sea.

The Maltese islands have a typically Mediterranean climate which means that winters are relatively mild and wet, whilst summers are hot and very dry. Winters normally have an average temperature of 19°C almost never going below 0°C. Summers on the other hand, are much hotter, with average temperatures of 32 °C and peak temperatures going well over 40 °C causing heat waves. The Maltese islands get around 600ml of rain per year. Rain is almost non-existent during the summer months – making up for it between October and March with heavy rain which sometimes lead to flash floods.

The prevailing wind in the Maltese islands is the North-westerly. This blows for about a third of the year. Sea temperatures are mild all year round – the lowest in January is usually 15 °C whilst in September it’s usually around 27°C.



Getting Around Gozo

Gozo is 14Km long by 9km wide which technically means that you can get anywhere you need to on foot. However the very high temperatures and hilly landscape sometimes mean that using other means may be more convenient.

Firstly, aircraft lands at Malta International Airport, from which a variety of busses, taxis or rental services will get you to Cirkewwa Harbour to cross over to Gozo in about 1 hour. The primary way of getting to Gozo is to use the Gozo Channel ferry service which operates very regularly between Cirkewwa Malta and Mgarr, Gozo. Trips take around 20 minutes and the service is in operation throughout the year except in very severe (gale force) weather conditions. For a timetable of departures, kindly click here.




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Travel Tips

Gozo offers a tranquil beauty and a peaceful serenity that is hard to match anywhere else in the world. With a small population, laid back lifestyle and very low crime rate, Gozo is a very safe place to be.

Nonetheless, common sense should always prevail, one must ensure full care of their health, safety and belongings. Always exercise common sense so that you will not be disappointed with your stay.



The quality of the healthcare system in Malta is one of the best in the European Union. Both the public and private healthcare systems offer top notch service, so don’t let a few beaurocratic mishaps entangle you, should you need to make use of the system.

Firstly, Make sure that all routine and recommended immunisations as defined by your country of residence have been taken. Visitors from the EU must bring their European Health Identity Card (EHIC), which replaced the old E111 card. This will provide you with basic healthcare whilst in Malta; however it is always recommended that one is covered adequately by travel insurance over the holiday period.

The Gozo General Hospital can sometimes get rather busy, especially in the A&E Department. For Minor Ailments, one is better off visiting a local poly clinic or health centre located in various different localities in Gozo.  Pharmacies are also located in various localities in Gozo and are mostly open during normal shopping hours. On Sundays, pharmacies open on a roster basis, which can be viewed here.

Maltese beaches and coastal waters have some of the best ratings in the EU. Water is clean and safe to swim in, with no tides existing locally. However some bays produce strong undercurrents which may make it difficult to swim in. beware of jellyfish especially when the current is inwards. It is advisable to swim where the locals do if you are new to the area.

Avoid over exposure to the sun, even in winter is it helpful to have a suitable sunscreen, especially if you are spending the day outside. Don’t forget to wear a hat and keep hydrated. Children and babies need extra protection from the sun. It is recommended that you avoid the strongest rays of sun in the mid summer months between 12pm and 3pm.


As of 1st January 2008, the Euro is the only legal tender currency in Malta and Gozo. Credit Cards and other means of payment are normally accepted in many retail stores; however it is advisable that you use cash as your main payment method as many small retail outlets, bars and shops simply not make use of credit cards.

Exchange bureaux are available in Victoria (office hours), or from the Airport on a 24/7 basis. Foreign currency is easily exchanged. Banks and ATMs can be found scattered across the island and offer a fully fledged financial service. As per EU legislation, one needs to declare any amount of money which exceeds 10,000 euro.

Useful Numbers

  • Malta Dialling Code: (+356)
  • Emergency: 112
  • Ambulance: 196
  • Fire Brigade: 199
  • Police: 191
  • Gozo General Hospital: 21561600
  • Materdei Hospital Malta: 21241251
  • Victoria Police Station: 21562044
  • Gozo Channel Co. Ltd: 21556114
  • Malta Intl. Airport: 21249600
  • Passport Office – Gozo: 21560770
  • Passport Office – Malta: 21222286
  • Lost property: 21224781
  • Emergency VET services: 50043888
  • Time check: 195
  • Weather Forecast: 50043848